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The Adventures of Mollie - Trailer saviour‬

‪After a particularly long day people watching from Kylie's bedroom window, and becoming increasingly concerned about the level of skills of drivers in Perth, Mollie was delighted when she was asked to help solve the problem of transferring the music Susie had made on to the teaser trailer for Sparrow. Kylie had been scratching her brain for days on how to do this and was about ready to give up. Luckily Mollie had a way to fix the entire situation. She showed Kylie that by simply downloading Whatsapp and asking Susie to send her file there, she was able to finally open the sound file. Mollie showed Kylie how to re record this onto the trailer for Sparrow and voilà! problem solved. Thank you Mollie for your help. And yes, I will make sure to be extra careful on the roads.